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Phosphorus Chemical Industry

XINGFA has mainly conducted R & D works upon the key & generic technology in Phosphorus Chemical Industry, for which we will conduct the Integration Utilization upon Phosphine from Sodium Hypophosphite’s Off-gases; for which we will conduct the work of Integration Utilization & Purification Treatment upon Yellow Phosphorus’ s Off-gases; for which we will conduct the work of Integration Utilization upon Phosphogypsum; for which we will also conduct the work of Integration Utilization of Recycling & techniques of handling upon Mother Liquid from Glyphosate; for which we will conduct the work of Integration Utilization of Recycling upon radioactive elements & Iodine, Fluorine Silicon, Magnesium associated in Phosphorite; for which we will also conduct the work of Integration Utilization upon the fresh baking Thermal Energy in the production-process of Yellow Phosphorus.

For Phosphorus Chemical Industry, XINGFA has also conducted R&D works upon a series of Fine Chemicals, including the Applied-research upon Functional Phosphates, upon Phosphates in Food Industry, upon Organophosphorus for Fire-retardant, upon Organophosphorus Sensitive Materials, upon Organophosphorus Pesticides, upon Organophosphorus Water Treatment Chemicals, upon Organophosphorus  Surfactant,Organophosphorus Antioxidant,Organophosphorus Extractant for Rare-earth; upon Low (control)-releasing fertilizers, Fertilizers for special purposes, Foliar-fertilizers and so on which belong to the downstream of phosphatic fertilizers.

Organosilicon Industry

For Organicsilicon Industry, XINGFA has mainly been in focusing-on 3 synchronous “Steps”, they are the Improvement upon the Production-technology for Organosilicon Monomer; the Utmost-utilization upon By-products; and the R & D works of the terminal downstream products respectively, for which we have especially paid attention to the Process-engineering of 110 Silicone Rubber, 107 Silicone Rubber for producing Sealant, Rubber Compound and its by-product Methyldichlorosilae for producing Methylhydrosilicone Fluid & Methyl Trichloro Silicane for Methyltriethoxysilane.

 We have also conducted so many other R & D works upon other fields, such as Methylhydrosilicone Fluid in the field of Water-proofing Agent of Basic-materials for buildings; Methyltriethoxysilane in the field of Water-proofing Agent, Defoamer, and Releasing-agent; we have gradually conducted R & D works of High-end Organosilicon Materials, including Functional Organosilicon Monomer & Intermediate; Functional Organosilicon Emulsion Waterproof Paint; Organosilicon Functional Additives; Organosilicon insulating materials; Heat-resisting materials etc.

Sulfur Chemical Industry

Focusing-on the Deep-processing Technologic-development upon Sulfur on the Platform of Hydrogen sulfide, XINGFA has mainly conducted R & D works of its downstream product-chains, such as Dimethyl Disulfide; Sodium Methyl Mercaptide; Dimethyl Sulfone; Methionine; Sulfur-insoluble-in-Rubber; Mercaptoethanol.

Electronic-chemical Industry

Relying on the technologic-processing of Phosphoric Acid (Electronic Grade), XINGFA has vigorously developed so many related products, such as Phosphoric Acid (Electronic Grade), Aluminum-etching-liquid, Sulfoxide (Electronic Grade), Sulfuric Acid  (Electronic Grade), Sodium Hypophosphite (Hard-disk Grade) and so on, and we have tentatively conducted R & D works upon Gases-in- Electronic Grade, such as phosphorane, Ammonia, and Hydrogen Chloride and so on, as well as Phosphoryl Chloride (Electronic Grade).

Fluorine Chemical Industry

XINGFA has actively been in bringing-in & imitating advanced technology both in home and aboard for the Recycling-utilization of Fluorine Resources in the process of Wet-process Phosphoric Acid Production-system in Yidu Xingfa Chemicals Industrial-park. On the other hand, we have also been active in involving-into the new material products of Fluorine Chemical Industry on the basis of regarding Hydrogen Fluoride as Basic-materials, such as Hydrofluoric Acid  (Electronic Grade), Highly-purified Ammonium Fluoride, and Fluororubber and so on.