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A white circular extension between heaven and earth like a rising sun, a strong sense of the overall structure of the design, using the sun as the first main meaning of Xingfa group will be full of vigorous, firm and indomitable vitality. Color, with the red and yellow gradual change and deep blue two parts collocation. The red and yellow gradient is a representative color phosphating industry, leading industry means the Xingfa group -- three phosphate industry, which contains the projection of the triangle, the image display of the benefit of many breeds - Hing Fat Group Industrial Development of mine resources, towering stand up straight. Deep blue outline surging magnificent mountains and rivers dam gate, to show the Xingfa group second industries - hydropower industry, is also facing the dangers of Xingfa group to tackle tough spirit. Identification by "middle phosphate mine" and "dam gate elements intersection part is white," deformed Xing "word, unique intuition embodied in Xingfa group. The connotation, meaning the Xingfa group identifies the overall improvement of innovation, but also the prospect of Xingfa group, a thriving good hope.

A Well-Known Trademark in China, covering the use of phosphoric acid, phosphorus, phosphide, sodium salt (chemicals), Portland, ethylene glycol, ketones, esters and other products.

fertilizer Diammonium phosphate, calcium Diammonium phosphate compound fertilizer