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As for XINGFA’s R & D Achievements, which are listed as followings: for which we have successively conducted 10 China National Key-projects, 4 significant Hubei Provincial Technologic-specialties, and more than 10 Hubei Provincial Technological-development Projects; for which we have vigorously been in Application & Exploitation (independently) for more than 100 scientific and technological achievements and more than 100 new products & technologies respectively, which have already accumulated a piles of core-technologies, and so many of them are the 1st time in China; for which we have also been in possess of 101 Core-patents, 8 Awards for Scientific and Technological Advancement honored by China Provincial /Ministerial-level, 6 Awards for Scientific and Technological Advancement honored by China Municipal-level, as well as 45 Hubei Provincial Scientific and Technological Achievements; for which we have continuously been in taken participate in 42 China National/ Industry standards; for which we have contently been in publishing more than 300 Articles of Science and Technology.

① XINGFA has independently exploited the Critical-equipments & New-production-technology for Phosphates (Sodium series) ranked into the international advanced-level, which was also been honored as the 1st Prize in Scientific and Technological Advancement by China Petroleum and Chemical-industry Federation in 2014;

②XINGFA’s trial-projects upon Systematic-engineering-construction & Industrialization of Functional- Phosphoric Acid & Phosphates Series have been honored as the 1st Prize in Hubei Provincial Scientific and Technological Advancement in 2014;

③ XINGFA’s projects upon Recycling Fine-phosphates from Waste Salt in the production-process of Dimethyl Sulfoxide & Deep-oxidation for Phosphorus Sludge have been certificated as the 2rd in Scientific and Technological Advancement by China Petroleum and Chemical-industry Federation in 2008 and 2009;

④ The production-technology for High-purified Phosphorus Pentasulfide independently developed by XINGFA has already broken foreign technology blockade;

⑤The THPO production-technology for Fire-retardant (Phosphates series) & the Mining technology for big-scale dipping and inclining-in-thickness Phosphate Mines successively developed by XINGFA has also been regarded as the 1st time both in home and aboard;

⑥XINGFA has been generally identified as the “Model Enterprise in China’s Fine-phosphates Industry” after Our Purified-production Technology for Yellow Phosphorus’s Off-gases being promoted in whole industry by the mode of Technology Export;

⑦XINGFA has independently developed 25 new products when referring-to Compound Phosphates and then 22 of which have been in achievement for successful Marketing Promotion, which marked the China National leading Privilege when referring-to the applied-research-level in our Compound Phosphates;

⑧XINGFA has vigorously exploited the applied-technology for Calcium Hypochlorite for Waste Water, which was regarded as the 1st trail in China domestic market;

⑨XINGFA has already exploited the new-technology for  Drilling Fluid from Sodium Hypochlorite producing Calcium Hypochlorite, which was a significant breakthrough in China domestic market, including cost-controlling, technology-dominant and so on.